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HomeHelp was created to help children learn math through practice. if you have children at home or in the classroom who would benefit from doing some math homework then HomeHelp is the answer.

HomeHelp keeps a track of the Child or students name and their settings. These settings are adjusted to suit each student or even a whole class or group. Once the subject has been chosen and the level selected then you can print a worksheet out with or without answers for the student(s) to fill in.

This is an ideal way to learn and can be used as an educational aid in the classroom or at home by parents.Here are some of the key features of Homehelp.

  • Seven subjects covered
  • Addition ( 6 Levels )
  • Subtraction ( 12 Levels )
  • Multiplication ( 6 Levels )
  • Short Division ( 8 Levels )
  • Long Division ( 6 Levels )
  • Percentages ( 5 Levels )
  • Time Tables ( 12 Levels )
  • Printable Work sheets are well laid out and include Both Name and Date.
  • Work sheets have the option to have answers printed or not.
  • Work sheets printed using Delphi Quick Report so they can be saved for printing later etc.
  • Each student can have different settings thus each sheet is suited to the students needs.
  • Easy interface with short cuts etc.
  • Help file included

Why is HomeHelp freeware? I decided that this program was made to be of use to anybody like me who needed it. I hate pulling down a program from the net after whetting my appetite with a lovely description just to find out that it is disabled or has nag screens. Apart from that if this software is free then more people will use it.

If you want to send any comments or just an E-mail to let me know you are using it then E-Mail me at Tontin. We make no profit and ask no price for our products but if you feel that the program is useful to you then donate something to your favourite children's charity.

TonTin hold's' the copyright to HomeHelp and strictly forbid the use or inclusion of it in a commercial or profit making situation without prior consent.

Usage of HomeHelp is acceptance of these terms.



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