Medi-Bank Medical Companion

Unfortunately I kept finding myself printing lists in programs like Word or Publisher. These lists were for friends and family who needed a list of all thier Medication and illnesses, they were often changing the details and needing more copies.

Every time my father went into casualty they asked for a list of pills, so I would have to print out another one for the next time. Thus the idea of Medi-Bank was formed. I thought about a wizard for Word or similar, but as I was relatively new to the PC I thought I would try my hand at programming. I chose Delphi as my tool and the rest as they say is history.

Medi-Bank keeps all your Medical details in one easy to edit and updateable interface. Who you are, Where you live, Next of kin, Doctors, Specialists, Medication, Allergies, Medical History and Donor Details. When entering Medical History and Medication there is a special Helpful Word feature to save you trying to spell those long Medical names. You can have as many files as you wish and the printouts can be saved so they can be printed later when more copies are needed.

Installing Medi-Bank is very simple you just unzip the archive and run the SetUp program. At the end of this procedure you can have the option of launching Medi-Bank, If you do this a default file will automatically be loaded this file offers a few hints on what to enter where.

Why is Medi-Bank freeware? I decided that this program was made to be of use to anybody like me who needed it. I hate pulling down a program from the net after whetting my appetite with a lovely description just to find out that it is disabled or has nag screens. Apart from that if this software is free then more people will use it.

If you want to send any comments or just an E-mail to let me know you are using it then E-Mail me at Tontin. We make no profit and ask no price for our products but if you feel that the program is useful to you then donate something to your favourite children's charity.

TonTin hold's' the copyright to Medi-Bank and strictly forbid the use or inclusion of it in a commercial or profit making situation without prior consent.

Usage of Medi-Bank is acceptance of these terms.

Since Medi-Bank was written over 12 years ago over 2 Million downloads have occured, but alas since the onward way of computers it is not compatable with 64bit version of windows or Windows 8



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